Travis Keller

Memories are the narratives we carefully construct within ourselves, fragments of stories chosen and preserved. For me, capturing a memory through painting isn't about replicating a singular moment exactly as it occurred. Instead, I recreate recurring moments. I do not fear forgetting the monumental milestones, but I do fear overlooking the small moments nestled within the essence of everyday life.

In my paintings, I embrace the language of cinematography to portray memories as the intricate fictions they truly are. Memories and fictions share a unique power—they transport us outside of ourselves, igniting our imagination and evoking deep emotions. Like memories, fictions shape our perception of the past and our understanding of the present. They serve as catalysts for growth and self-discovery, allowing us to explore uncharted territories of thought and emotion. Fictions, like memories, possess the ability to inspire, heal, and connect us with others on a profound level. They provide us with a means to navigate life's complexities, offering solace, wisdom, and a glimpse into the boundless depths of human imagination. In this way, fictions and memories intertwine, enriching our existence and reminding us of the limitless possibilities that reside within our minds and hearts.

The story of my life is predominantly composed of seemingly insignificant instances, occupying more time in my existence than the grand events that drive my plot forward. It is within these ordinary moments that my paintings explore. An everyday moment can be transformed into a vivid tableau of colors and textures, elevated to a level of significance that may have previously gone unnoticed. Such a moment resonates with those that came before it and foreshadows those yet to come, forming a delicate thread of continuity.

When I paint, I'm not simply creating static images; I'm crafting portals of color. These portals serve as conduits, bridging the gaps that time and distance have created within my chosen family. My paintings become windows into our shared memories, imperfect yet infused with the essence of our collective experiences.

Ultimately, my art celebrates the significance of the mundane or overlooked, the hidden poetry within our everyday lives. It serves as a gentle reminder to cherish the fleeting moments, those seemingly inconsequential fragments that, when embraced, shape the narrative of our existence. Through the medium of painting, I strive to capture the intangible emotions, connections, and stories that define who we are.