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Herm: View from my perch
Herm: View from my perch
oil on canvas
95" x 60"

It was the end of the summer before my second year of grad school, I was in Ohio and Herm and I would often sit together on the couch against the window. She would perch herself on the back of the couch so that she could look outside. One night while we were sitting here, Mel turned off the kitchen lights and I noticed how three light sources emerged and overlapped with each other: the cool moonlight through the kitchen window, the warm light from the bedroom, and the streetlight coming in from the window behind us. Mel was silhouetted against the moonlight as she moved through the kitchen. The drop-ceiling became a grid of colors fading in and out of each other. The lights created flat, crisp shapes of color that gave new dimensions to the furniture.

I often wonder what Hermione saw and thought of this event. I'm sure it happens often when the moon is bright. Did she enjoy this casual spectacle? Did she ever anticipate it?