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Harv: His evening routine
Harv: His evening routine
oil on canvas
72" x 54"

My second semester of grad school was not easy. In order to combat stress, depression, and anxiety, I started a daily routine of moving my body. I would go home, put on my headphones, turn on music and dance. Harvey would patiently sit on the floor and wait for me to exhaust myself. I could close my eyes, feel the music and move, knowing he was there waiting for me. Harvey always understood that I needed to do this. He never interfered.

After these dance sessions, Harv and I would sit on the couch together until Mel and I connected via Facetime; his fur sticking to my skin when I moved. If I find the right images, maybe a painting of this will happen in the future. He was the best model. I wish we could have collaborated more.