Artist Bio

Travis Keller is best known for his paintings of obsessively stacked abstract cityscapes.
Influenced by science-fiction film and expressionism, his paintings are vibrant works that defy the laws of the natural world. Keller received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 2015.
After graduating he spent the summer at the Chautauqua Summer Art Program before ultimately deciding to move to Buffalo, NY. He has maintained a studio as a resident artist and artist representative for the board of directors at Buffalo Arts Studio since the summer of 2016. This has led to opportunities to show and sell his paintings, including a commission of five large-scale works for a local restaurant.
Keller approaches each painting with the intent to make sense of chaos. By keeping a loose quality to the architectural elements, he hopes to depict the fragility of social and class systems of the industrial world.